INTECH participated in the Broadband Russia Forum 2014



Within the framework of Broadband Russia Forum 2014, the Russia's largest event in the area of broadband access and telecom, a round table discussion “Internet of Things: future or present?” was organized. The event was attended by international developers and vendors of software products, network operators and Russian vendors. As a result, the participants got a place for lively discussion on the trends in the development IoT area in Russia and around the world.

Among the main topics of discussion the market analytics was chosen, both its current state and the future projections. Ivan Fil, INTECH Innovations Director, noted the practical side of such analytics, “Internet of Things is a direction associated with communications in the broad sense of the word: between people and apartments, people and technology and so on. Here you can play with different figures predicting growth of 25 or 50 billion devices in the coming years. But the fact is that even, if you move away from figures, it becomes obvious that in the next 5 years trackers for children, pets or anything else will be just a daily routine for us”.

Oracle and Cisco representatives pointed out that the IoT market could be developed not only in the B2C segment, but also in business. Thus, the creation of Smart cities lies within the priority areas of the Internet of Things expansion. This notion includes the implementation of a whole range of interrelated and automatically controlled urban systems and processes: lighting, garbage disposal, regulation of parking spaces. One of the final topics of discussion was the question of industry standardization. While discussing possible options for creating the IoT standards, Vitaly Shub, Adviser to the TransTeleCom President, formulated two scenarios of IoT industry standards development. The first one is more chaotic that originates from equipment suppliers themselves. In this case, the vendors will create standards, most of which will not be compatible with the others fully or partially. This path is considered by the industry as a deadlock in general. The second one is standardization at the international level executed with the support of the largest telecom operators. The TTC representative concluded that it is the operational standardization under the second option which will allow to give the industry a prompt start in life and to create a civilized and standardized market on the Internet of Things basis.

On the second day of the Broadband Russia conference Ivan Phil, INTECH Innovations Director, delivered a speech in which he described the process of diversification of the company's business and also introduced the innovative solutions and products.

INTECH Group is the international company and one of the leading suppliers of innovative services on the Russian, CIS and Eastern European telecom market. Many years of experience in creating IT products and strong R & D team allow the company to implement projects in the areas of innovation: Internet of Things (IoT, M2M), mobile commerce (NFC, P2P) and mobile advertising, platform development, Apps, web- solutions, platforms and services for telecom operators

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