Intech becomes an official member of ITU Telecommunication Development Sector



Intech team is proud to announce an official approval of company ITU-D Sector Membership in the ITU Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D)

Intech has a wide opportunities for further cooperation with ITU-D, including participation in telecommunication-focused events, contacts with colleagues around the world and promotion of the company.

ITU, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is a member of the United Nations Development Group. ITU has been an intergovernmental public-private partnership organization since its inception. Its membership includes 193 Member States and around 700 public and private sector companies as well as international and regional telecommunication entities, known as Sector Members and Associates, which undertake most of the work of each Sector.

The ITU coordinates the shared global use of the radio spectrum, promotes international cooperation in assigning satellite orbits, works to improve telecommunication infrastructure in the developing world, and assists in the development and coordination of worldwide technical standards.

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