In Mobile World Congress 2014 which was held in Barcelona from February 24 to February 27 the representatives on INTECH company had taken part. Their impressions and opinions on this large-scale even

Victor Kononenko, Technical Director

At the MWC 2014 the portable gadgets were most brightly presented from all trends of this year. All companies presented their achievements in this area - from the simple bracelets, able to count steps, to difficult devices with a set of functions. Samsung and Sony must be especially marked out which had presented the most advanced devices, equipped with curved displays, the cameras, capable to be synchronized with mobile phones and to display a set of useful information.

In the area of VAS solutions a large number of the companies were presented, but, unfortunately, nothing innovative that could please participants. Yes, there were interesting ideas and decisions, but anything revolutionary weren’t presented.

Nevertheless, the tendency of the VAS market is traced accurately: it is appearance of independent solutions of operators allowing to use advantages of technologies on the basis of the mobile Internet, actively growing now. Users are actively taken away from the classical protocols and voice traffic towards more convenient and cheaper solutions. To what it will lead, I think, it is already clear to everyone. It is time to enter these markets, or shortly they will be occupied.

Ivan Fil, Director of Innovation

The main trend of the exhibition is to do smartphone in any incomprehensible situation. All major manufacturers run, pushed in pursuit of hyper-marginal market, as it was a few years ago - Smartphones for geeks, granny phones, KitaiPhones, YotaPhones... LG pleased flexible screens - the technology accurately finds itself in a number of gadgets in the coming years . On the market of portable gadgets Samsung, Sony, Huawei and FitBit introduced their new products. They look stylish, but there is no need to buy them. Products of niche players such as Jolla and Blackphone made well disposed. To summarize up, the exhibition was about money, margin, product lines, market growth and Tesla which had incidentally got there.

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