INTECH — your reliable partner
for Media Store and Mobile Apps development

Digital Entertainment

INTECH — your reliable partner for Media Store and Mobile Apps development

Extensively developing Digital Entertainment industry today reaches more platforms and users than ever before.
Company INTECH offers telecommunication service providers its Digital Entertainment solutions

AppsDevelopment of separate Mobile Applications.
Media storesDevelopment of entire content distribution platforms.

Our project


Free application allows to choose and set the ringtone melody from the mobile phone screen. Over 2000 of melodies of different genres is available.

  • INTECH specializes on the development of cross-platform solutions, available for any device and any network.

    Users may access Media Store on the variety of platforms:

    • Mobile Apps (iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, Java ME, Bada)
    • WEB, mobile WEB, WAP
    • IPTV Apps
    • Mac&PC Apps
  • Media Stores support both Wireless networks (3G, GPRS/EDGE, EV-DO, WiMAX, Wi-Fi) and Wired networks (ADSL, Ethernet).

    The product's features include:

    • Single profile (MSISDN + User ID: ADSL, IPTV)
    • Tariffing within user's personal account
    • Geolocation
    • CRM logic
  • Event based and target marketing enables to create the promo campaigns in real time, constantly keep up subscriber’s interest to the services and attract new customers.

    Tools of event based and target marketing:

    • Try&Buy
    • Packet sale
    • Event sell-off
    • Time & Location discount
    • Discount by volume
  • Media Store solution includes not only the development of media content store, but also internal community services and social networks integration system.

    System can sync subscriber's:

    • Contact lists
    • Status updates
    • Online games
    • Files exchange
  • Media Store sections may include streaming and downloadable content of different types, demanding on the client requests:

    • Streaming & downloading music
    • Audio & Video on Demand
    • Streaming TV&Radio
    • Downloading games & online games
  • Media Store solution is comfortable for everyone: while our partners have no capital expenses and investment risks, subscribers benefit from a variety of payment options and plans

    For subscribers:

    • Subscription
    • Premium Service
    • Оne-time purchase
    • Promo model

    For partners:

    • No CAPEX
    • No investment risks