Build the future with flexible connectivity
and smart applications

Internet of Things

It's much easier than you think with Mishiko IoT Platform based on cloud architecture.

To successfully expand business in various fields — transport, security, medicine, telemetry, etc.
— use Mishiko smart environment for a fast M2M application development and flexible integration,
control of devices and SIM cards, traffic management.

Mishiko IoT — Get more than just connectivity:

Fast development of M2M Apps in Application Creation Environment based on drag and drop GUI
Effective data compression by IoT protocols up to 70%
Easy connection, based on IoT protocols for integration with:
  • temperature sensor
  • humidity sensor
  • motion sensor
  • GPS/GLONASS tracker
  • video camera and microphone
  • external controller
Flexible use of Voice, SMS, USSD and Data over any network:
  • 4G: LTE, HSPA+
Secure and encrypt traffic from/to devices
Flexible scale to meet business needs 
Manage and update connections by Device Management Tools.
Free store, analyze and manage all data in Cloud
Remote control of devices and SIM cards in real time
Check traffic, choose rates and pay in Personal Account
Mishiko IoT platform
time of launch
for your new M2M products by several times