App Development, SQA
and Design outsourcing


INTECH is a top quality IT service provider of high-end business solutions.The company takes care
of all aspects of the product development cycle including R&D, prototyping, development,
testing, maintenance, and support.
Build your product with
our R&D team
  • Application Development

    • Telecom application development
    • Web and Mobile application development
    • Big Data and cloud solutions
    • Reengineering and Migration
    • Technical support
  • Quality assurance

    • SQA Consulting Services
    • Test Automation
    • Application Security Testing
  • User Experience Design

    • Graphical and Multimedia Design
    • Interaction Design and Iterative Prototyping
    • Brand Book/Style Guide Creation
    • Markup/ Frontend Development
    • Usability Reviews & Testing
  • Platform and solutions

    • IoT Platform based on cloud architecture
    • Enterprise telecommunication solutions
    • E-commerce platforms for mobile operators
    • Media content distribution platforms
    • Content network solutions

Why Intech?

  • Best soft development
  • Flexible client
    engagement models
  • Highest quality
  • Over 20 years
  • Global delivery

Our projects

Beeline cashback service

Branded cash back service. A mobile operator's customers get a quick return of money for Internet purchases to their mobile phone account. A customer is satisfied, the mobile operator receives the money on the subscribers' accounts

Our projects

Tele2 Gudok RBT

Branded interfaces for RBT service: responsive Web, IVR, and mobile APPs. The solution has a much wider feature list and many customization ways than mobile operator's one

Our projects

Beeline Privet RBT

Free application and website allow to choose and set the ringbacktone melody from the mobile phone screen. Many settings for RBT playback, over 20000 of tunes of different genres is available. Userfriendly and branded apps and web with great design

Our projects

Tele2 Numbers

Operator's subscribers make and receive calls from several phone numbers using one SIM card and a convenient interface for managing their numbers