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Mobile Advertising

Gadgets are a crucial part of everyday life, and that’s why consumers today expect seamless,
multi-channel digital communication, available from any device: PC, mobile phone or tablet.

To reach this audience, INTECH offers a full spectrum of mobile advertising opportunities,
including target AD RBT (Ringback Tone) and traditional A2P (“Application to
Person”) services, forced with Big Data opportunities.

INTECH MobAd Platform
lets you be where your customers are:

Best solution
for A2P advertising
INTECH performers mobile advertising campaigns,
based on the sending informational SMS-,
MMS- or USSD-messages
Use analytic
Make smarter, supported by facts
decisions based on reliable, relevant
data and powerful analytics with:
  • reporting on the past
  • analyzing of the present
  • predicting of the future
Use Big Data
Get superior insights and advanced
analytics using Big Data
Get Real
Time Targeting.
Use consumer’s profile data to deliver excellent
level of targeting for RBT and A2P mobile advertising
campaigns. Reach exact audience using variety of
targeting possibilities, including:
  • search intent
  • user location
  • device specifications
  • demographics
  • preferable content
  • behavioral & spending habits
  • social graph
  • ...and more

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