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ABOUT intech

The INTECH's core and DNA are the people working in the

The team of over 200 high-grade professionals and innovators, who develop and advance our cutting-edge products.
This resource grantsus with rocket-powered solutions for those who not afraid of new ideas and who believe in the
importance of company's spirit and soul.

INTECH combines intelligence and creativity to develop the best products in the telecom market.

INTECH offers innovative solutions for the IT
and telecom industries:

  • Converged

    RBT, IVR, USSD and
    SMS Interfaces, Mobile
    Apps, WEB Interfaces
    and other services

  • Internet
    of Things

    M2M, Solutions for
    vertical markets

  • Digital

    Media Stores and
    Mobile Apps

  • Mobile

    mCommerce plaforms, mWallets and mobile ticketing

  • Mobile

    Target AD RBT, mobile
    APPS and mobile

  • Labs

    R&D as a service and
    Call Center as a service

200 000 078
of subscribers use innovative INTECH solutions
business division
around the world
of staff work in R&D
of the profit we
invest in innovation

Our projects

Beeline Music

Branded music streaming service. Tens of thousands of tunes, convenient and modern WEB and mobile applications

Our projects

Tele2 Gudok RBT

Branded interfaces for RBT service: responsive Web, IVR, and mobile APPs. The solution has a much wider feature list and many customization ways than mobile operator's one

Our projects

Tele2 Numbers

Operator's subscribers make and receive calls from several phone numbers using one SIM card and a convenient interface for managing their numbers

Our projects

Beeline cashback service

Branded cash back service. A mobile operator's customers get a quick return of money for Internet purchases to their mobile phone account. A customer is satisfied, the mobile operator receives the money on the subscribers' accounts


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