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15 years in the market

We develop and create comprehensive solutions allowing our clients to scale their businesses on the basis of Intech technologies and infrastructure.
Intech has been working in the telecommunications market for over 15 years, starting from 2005. Our first office was established in the city of Vladivostok.

The first contract for supply of VAS services was signed with NTK OJSC, the then-largest telecommunication services operator in the Primorsky Region. It was followed by a number of significant contracts with such mobile network operators as AKOS, BaikalWestCom, Stek-GSM, Yeniseytelecom.

2007 saw the opening of a branch office in Moscow, which very soon became the headquarters of the INTECH company, while the Vladivostok office became the company's center of R&D activities. At the same time, INTECH entered the telecommunication services market in CIS and Baltic countries, while also opening representative offices in Tajikistan (2007), Armenia (2007), Uzbekistan (2007), Ukraine (2007), Kazakhstan (2008), Kyrgyzstan (2008) and Latvia (2008).

In 2009, Tele2 and Beeline became the largest partners, RBT being the VAS service with the highest demand. As time went on, INTECH became a provider of IVR services in the network of the Тele2 operator, while also implementing a WEB portal for its own RBT service.
In 2011, INTECH opened a large R&D subdivision in Nizhny Novgorod.

In June 2013, inMedia and INTECH established a joint enterprise under the name of Intech Nova LLC, while 2014 saw InMedia's acquisition of INTECH, the provider continuing to function as an independent business as part of the in Media Company Group.

As of today, being one of the leading content and service providers in the telecommunication services market of Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe, INTECH launches its technological solutions and products in the markets of South Asia (in December 2019, the Smart Zero service was launched at the TeleTalk operator, Bangladesh), Vietnam and West Africa.

Apart from VAS services, the INTECH team is actively developing a package of innovative solutions and products for the B2B market. They are currently represented by the following: Virtual Automatic Telephone Station (ATS), Cashback service, Тravel portal, Multinumbering, Audio/Video streaming, Glagol platform for online events, gaming project branded for specific client, and FMC solution.

People are our main asset

Massovets Pavel
General director
Loiko Anton
Technical director
Mustakerski Anastasia
Finance director
Zernov Andrey
Commercial director
Reznikova Oksana
Content director
Alexander Rakushin
Head of Telecom Solutions
Solunina Eugene
Head of Quality Assurance
Melnikov Alexey
Head of Operations
Fedotov Alexander
Head of Design
Kolpashchikova Ekaterina
Head of Technical Support and Monitoring
Vrishch Stanislav
Project Office Manager
Daniel Freyuk
Product Manager
HR director
Samoylova Alesya

200 mln users of our solutions globally

Completed projects with subsequent support
Business units
Professionals, 60% being employed in R&D

Vast experience of efficient implementation of new technologies in existing business processes of our partners


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