Tele2 TV

Tele2 TV, a convenient and multi-functional application, allows users to watch TV channels in online-mode on mobile phones, tablets and SmartTVs.
Using a convenient search tool, Tele2 subscribers will quickly find the required TV channel or program. Via a list of recommendations, users will be offered additional interesting programs and movies, which they will be able to add to their own personal space for watching later.

The Tele2 TV solution is built on the OTT platform of Bradbury Lab, which allows users to receive content in the Tele2 TV app in all territory of the Russian Federation.

MTS hybrid TV

Hybrid TV solution on a software level will unify online services with IPTV cable television based on MGTS's network in Moscow and DVB-C in regions of Russia, as well as MTS satellite TV. Among such online services are TV program guide with extended functionality, video-on-demand, and delayed viewing service.
Within the framework of Hybrid TV launch, MTS offers subscribers smart set-top boxes developed specially for this operator and giving access, on TV screen, to interactive TV program guide, foreign currency exchange rates, traffic conditions, and news feeds. Set-top boxes can be connected to home Internet networks, making it possible for subscribers to use additional services: delayed viewing (Catch-up TV), video-on-demand (VOD), and pausing functionality (TimeShift).

Our company participates in the project with several products: system for transcoding, recording and broadcasting, and CDN (video content delivery network). Implementation is performed on a national level, and the number of cities with installed CDN nodes is constantly growing.

Russian Railways' Wi-Fi Cinema

Within the framework of this system, our company implemented the project for installation of online cinemas in Russian Railways trains.
Passengers are granted real-time access to a portal with multimedia video content (movies, animation, series), with movie offerings ranging from classic to new releases. The service is accessible for all owners of devices with Wi-Fi support. Now, when going to some place, people can watch their favorite content on mobile devices and laptops.

ОТТ-platform for Rostelecom Armenia GNC-Alfa

For one of Armenia's largest telecommunication operators, we launched a hybrid platform of interactive TV.
In this solution, we implemented all of the advanced functionality of OTT platform:
• transcoding of SD and HD channels (both Russian and regional),
• VoD broadcasting,
• Catch UP recording and broadcasting,
• DVR,
• encryption of all broadcast content,
• adaptive streaming (multi-bitrate),
• OTT set-top boxes on the Android platform,
• apps for mobile platforms,
• multiscreen,
and a number of other additional functions characteristic for OTT.

The key task in this project was to implement OTT TV in a market where this technology had not been present before.

60 transcoding nodes
for Rostelecom

To fulfill this task, our company successfully installed the system for transcoding TV channels in Rostelecom's data transmission network.
We participated in a large-scale project on a national level, which aimed at significant widening of the Interactive TV servicing area throughout all of the country's territory. As a result, the installed transcoding system significantly decreased load from broadcast of HD channels on Rostelecom's data transmission network, which resulted in it becoming possible to view HDTV for those subscribers who were connected with the usage of the xDSL technology, this functionality not having been accessible to them earlier due to low speed of access to service on the 'last mile'.

Er-telecom IPTV transcoding system

The principal aim of the project became to implement HD channel transcoding for the TV platform.
Our transcoders became a necessary supplement to existing platform components, and allowed subscribers of the service to receive HD-quality content with minimum network load for operator.

interactive TV

In 2009, it was an innovative project by many criteria:
TV signal was being transcoded and broadcast to set-top boxes by Unicast in HLS. Set-top boxes were receiving video signal by Wi-Fi, and, at the same time, set-top boxes were not locked for specific operator's network, it being possible to connect them in any household with Internet, without prior setup. Apart from a large number of channels, subscribers were receiving (by subscription) an unlimited access to the whole of video archive.

Mobile application for regional broadcast

We developed a unique and highly-demanded OTT solution for regional TV and radio companies.
It includes interactive tools for working with TV audience/application user, which can't be provided by linear TV. Basic functionality includes the following: live broadcast, program guide (EPG), newsfeed, and functionality for receiving user's content (Mobile Reporter). Our extended functionality includes (without limitation) delayed viewing (News Catch Up), sending of push-notifications, collection of detailed statistics and information on audience, advantages of targeted advertisement, archive of programs, etc.

The application was developed for mobile Android and iOS devices, and can be installed on Smart TVs.

The clear advantages of our solution are the short period of execution (2 weeks after receipt of source data), and possibility to implement a wide range of functions by request of specific TV or radio company.

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