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Encryption of stream. Protection of broadcast from interception.


Access from any device. Your will be seen, heard, and asked questions from any device: no need to download and install an application.
Broadcasts without significant delays. Your guests will see you in a live broadcast without lags. Full retaining of the synchronous mode of communication and feedback.
The service of interactive high-load online-events supports a huge audience without any limits (even over 10,000 connections).


In all spheres of life, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to solve given tasks in a convenient manner and without loss of quality, in online mode and with the usage of video communications.

Our Glagol service is based on an advanced video streams management platform , as well as on a broad expertise in solutions related to ensuring high-quality telephone communication.

Glagol service can be a reliable tool in various spheres: video negotiations of the highest level, solution of educational tasks, ensuring broadcasts of cultural events, and others.
Why this matters?


A reliable and easy-to-use tool for any event in online mode without extra equipment and software.
Broadcasts of concerts or festivals from any sites (clubs, bars, events). Cross-broadcasts from various locations.
School lessons, webinars and other educational activities without being limited to classroom space and with fully retaining the interactive mode.
Social programs for childcare and medical institutions (concerts, opera, ballet in orphan homes, hospitals, retirement homes).
Highly protected and at the same time simple system for corporate needs: meetings, presentations, negotiations, training.
Robust tool for broadcasts of radio or TV programs in the Internet, with advanced interactive functionality.

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